200 Hour Teacher Training Application
We are so excited for you to further your yoga journey with us at Hollywood Market and Halo Yoga! Please fill out the fields below. Feel free to email info@hmyboise.com if you have any questions.
We will reach out to you within 3-5 business days in regards to your acceptance. Please note, once notified, you have 5 business days to accept or retract your application. If you are no longer interested in the program, please notify us within that 5 day window and we will return you your deposit.
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Please choose your tuition payment option below. *

Early Bird Program Tuition: 
$2,800. Must pay at least 30 days prior to program to receive early bird price deal. Receive free yoga classes at both our studios once this is paid in full.
Program Tuition: 
$3,200 Monthly payment plans can be arranged.
$500 non-refundable. This is due when you submit your application. This fee reserves your spot for the training. It also counts as a downpayment towards your tuition.

What is your home studio? *

We suggest that students go to a yoga studio for at least a year before beginning their training.
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Name, relationship, phone, email.
What do you enjoy most about practicing hot yoga? *

How often do you practice yoga? How many times a week do you practice? *

What styles of yoga do you practice or have you explored? *

What aspects of yoga do you practice?
Asana Pranayama Meditation Chanting Restorative Other *

What aspects or styles of yoga are you most interested in learning more about? *

Are there any training dates you cannot attend? If so, which dates/times? *

Schedule is on our website.
Do you have any pre-existing injuries/health concerns that may affect your ability to participate in this course?  Are you healthy and physically able to participate in this course? *

Please include any history with dehydration, heat stroke, heat stress etc. All students are required to sign a medical waiver and commit to a healthy lifestyle of appropriate nutrition and adequate hydration during the course of this training.
Do you plan to teach yoga when you complete your training? *

Are you currently teaching yoga? If so, where? How often? *

What do you hope to gain/learn from the program the most? *

How do you prefer to be contacted? *

What is the best time of day to contact you. *

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